22nd IFIP International Conference on Testing Software and Systems


Accepted Full Papers

  • A Pareto Ant Colony Algorithm Applied to the Class Integration and Test Order Problem
    Rafael Cabral, Aurora Pozo and Silvia Vergilio

  • More Testable Properties
    Ylies Falcone, Jean-Claude Fernandez, Thierry Jeron, Herve Marchand and Laurent Mounier

  • Alternating Simulation and IOCO
    Margus Veanes and Nikolaj Bjorner

  • Reducing the Cost of Model-Based Testing through Test Case Diversity
    Hadi Hemmati, Andrea Arcuri and Lionel Briand

  • Built-in Data-flow Integration Testing in Large-Scale Component-Based Systems
    Eric Piel, Alberto Gonzalez-Sanchez and Hans-Gerhard Gross

  • Black-box System Testing of Real-Time Embedded Systems Using Random and Search-based Testing
    Andrea Arcuri, Muhammad Zohaib Z. Iqbal and Lionel Briand

  • Testing product generation in Software Product Lines using pair-wise for features coverage
    Beatriz Perez Lamancha and Macario Polo

  • Increasing Functional Coverage by Inductive Testing: A Case Study
    Neil Walkinshaw, Kirill Bogdanov, John Derrick and Javier Paris

  • FloPSy - Search-Based Floating Point Constraint Solving for Symbolic Execution
    Kiran Lakhotia, Nikolai Tillmann, Mark Harman and Jonathan de Halleux

  • Test Data Generation For Programs with Quantified First-order Logic Specifications
    Christoph Gladisch

  • A Distributed Testing Architecture for Large Scale Systems
    Eduardo Cunha de Almeida, Joao Eugenio Marynowski, Gerson Sunye, Yves Le Traon and Patrick Valduriez

  • Generating Models of Infinite-State Communication Protocols using Regular Inference with Abstraction
    Fides Aarts, Bengt Jonsson and Johan Uijen

  • Practical End-to End Performance Testing Tool for High Speed 3G-based Networks
    Hiroyuki Shinbo, Atsushi Tagami, Shigehiro Ano, Toru Hasegawa and Kenji Suzuki

  • A Learning-based Approach to Unit Testing of Numerical Software
    Karl Meinke and Fei Niu

  • From Scenarios to Test Implementations via Promela
    Andreas Ulrich, El-Hachemi Alikacem, Hesham Hallal and Sergiy Boroday

  • Vidock: a Tool for Impact Analysis of Aspect Weaving on Test Cases
    X Yves Le Traon, Romain Delamare, Freddy Munoz and Benoit Baudry